A Revampening

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I haven’t forgotten about this site.  I’m working on trying to redefine what chrisburke.ca is.  Since it’s first inception it’s been so many things.  It started out as a way for me to cry and complain about my college room mates and the things they did that bothered me.  Then it became a way for me to keep my family updated on my life, because I moved away, and was terrible at calling or emailing them.  After that, while I was in youth ministry, it was a site where I posted info for parents on teen culture trends, and things that they should be watching out for with their kids, and was also a way for me to keep in touch with my donors.  When I moved into a worship ministry role, it became a site for other worship pastors to learn how to incorporate technology into their worship setting (I think that was what I had the most fun doing).  Then when I moved to PEI I posted rarely, but it became a place to keep friends in PEI updated on life with our family and what we were up to.
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I know it’s been a super long time since I’ve update this site.. and I plan on doing it more, I promise!

It’s been an awesome summer, despite the fact that I’m on medical leave because of my back. For the first time in about 10 years my whole family was in the same place, at the same time! So we had a great time together swimming in the pool, laying in the sun, and just having a great time!

You don’t realize just how important family is until you don’t see them for years and year! Hold your family close, and cherish the times you have together.. and, if I can make a suggestion, as it’s something I forced myself to do.. put the cellphone and cameras away when you are having those good times. In this day and age we seem to need to document our every move. This past week I brought out the camera during my nieces birthday party, and a couple other big events, but other than that, I left it all in the office, and it was awesome!
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Me and My Boys

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My website is quickly becoming well known as the site that does giveaways for bluetooth pedals! And I’m not complaining one bit!  I started this site wanting it to be a place where worship leaders could come, and learn about ways they could use technology in their worship setting.. and almost daily I get emails asking about ways to incorprate iPads and other awesome tech into the worship setting.

The most prevelent, of course has been the use of apps like OnSong, which allows you to do away with the big thick song books, and have all your sheet music on your iPad.. But naturally the question has always been, “I’m playing my instrument, how do I turn the pages?”
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You asked for it.. and here it is.. the #1 airturn pro switcher by Matthews Effects.. this is a pedal I had Rick create for me, that he decided to add to his store that you can now purchase as well. It’s fantastic. Find out what it does, and see my thoughts in the review and demo video below!

We’ve teamed up with Matthews Effects and are giving away a AirTurn Pro Switcher to 1 lucky winner! Check out all the ways you can win!

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About a year ago I did a series on using iOS devices in worship. Since that series, I’ve had a number of people asking me to shoot a video explaining 1 of the posts.. that was the Ambient Tracks post.. It’s taken a long time.. but I finally got around to doing it.

Check out how you can improve your worship teams sound, with some simple MP3 tracks.. no need for computers and loop applications.. just a simple app to play those tracks!

Here’s all the links mentioned in the post:
OnSong App: http://onsongapp.com/
Karl Verkade Pads: http://tinyurl.com/ptef7wu
Harvest Worship Pads: http://tinyurl.com/oc32fxw
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