Cellhelment.. An iPhone Case with Peace of Mind

March 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

The guys from cellhelmet pitched their case/plan on SharkTank last night.. They didn’t get a deal.. the reason being (I think), the Sharks don’t get it. Each of them said the same thing.. “if I break my phone, I’m going to go to the store, and buy a new one.. I can’t wait 3 days for a new phone”.. thats a typical multimillionaire speaking. I, however, am not a multimillionaire.. and I can’t just go and buy a new iPhone, so the ability to have my iPhone replaced for free (or close to it) speaks to me. The Sharks simply are out of touch with the market that the Cellhelmet guys are working with, and I think thats one of the main reasons they didn’t get a deal.

The Cellhelmet business is confusing , I’ll say that. Are they selling me a super awesome protective case? That’s what I thought.. then it arrived. Since people are likely flocking to the website, I thought I’d explain how it works before everyone runs out and spends their $50… is it an amazing case.. or an insurance plan.. or both.. check it out below.. after you watch the video, if you are still interested you can buy one here and it’ll save you $10

Editors Note: iFixit.com has stated that the iPhone 5 is the harest iPhone to repair yet.. so this is actually going to make things VERY expensive for the cellhelmet guys as new models of the iPhone come out. I got out of the iPhone repair game, because they were just getting harder and harder to fix.

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